From my Hometown to the Battlefield

For the past couple of years I have been gathering artifacts, stories, photo’s and letters from the 99th Infantry Division, during this time I have had the honor to communicate with veterans from this division and also creating tribute pages for relatives.

Fundraising campaign

My goal is to make a movie/documentary about the Division with the title “From my hometown to the Battlefield”.The story line is made from stories from veterans and will lead to their training facilities and embarkement area.

This part of the documentary is to be filmed in the US.From there the voyage goes to the UK where we visit several historical sites were the 99th has been stationed. Then the trip takes us to Le Havre France -> Aubel Belgium -> Belgium Ardennes Frontline and Germany.

The most important part of this project is to get the Veterans that are still with us interviewed and filmed as soon as possible. I do not want these men’s historical memories silenced by death.

This movie/documentary will be made to honor the men of the 99th Infantry Division, so that their relatives and future generations can learn about these great men who went to war and made it possible for us to live in freedom.

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