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October 11, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Mr. Eric Bijtelaar.  He is from the Netherlands and he researches the 99th Infantry Division also known as the Battle Babies from World War II.

For the past couple of years he has been gathering artifacts, stories, photos and letters from the 99th Infantry Division.   Mr. Bijtelaar has communicated with veterans from this division and has created tribute pages for their relatives.   He plans to make a movie/documentary about the division with the working title, “In the footsteps of the 99th”.

The story line is made from information gained from surviving veterans.   He plans to have these veterans interviewed and videotaped.  This film documentary will be made to honor the men of the 99th Infantry Division.   This living history project will enable relatives of the veterans and future generations to learn about these great men.  As Eric Bijtelaar writes, “These men went to war and made it possible for us to live in freedom.”

I am especially pleased to be the nephew of one of Mr. Bijtelaar’s interview subjects, Frank Liddell.  My uncle and I have been in regular contact with Eric and have the utmost admiration for his work.


Michael P. Green

Eric Bijtelaar is doing research on my mother and father and their service to our country during World War II . He is extremely thorough and has provided our family with information that we had not known . Eric is a dedicated historian with a real love for what he does and it shows in the tribute pages on his web site. I would highly recommend his work, and I look forward to sharing his tribute pages for my parents with relatives and friends .

Angela Vaden McDowell
Proud daughter of WWII veterans U.S.A.

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