Bunker Regelbau 117a, near Hollerath

Regelbau 117a

The Siegfried line consisted of many types of different bunkers, today one can still find traces of blown up bunkers, some still in pretty decent shape. The Regelbau 117a near Hollerath is such an example, below you can find some pictures from the inside and outside as can be seen today. Historical Hollerath has organized various walks where one can see these bunkers.

DSC_1754 One can still see the camouflage pattern on the bunker today: Source E. Bijtelaar

DSC_1763The bunker has become one with the forrest. source: E. Bijtelaar

DSC_1761Lots of concrete pieces from the attempt to blow the bunker up. Source: E. Bijtelaar

DSC_1766One of the tunnels in the rear of the bunker filled with rubble. Source: E. Bijtelaar

Regimentsgefechtstand, Siegfriedline section Rgt.G F.Wahlerscheid – Ramscheid.
11,95 m x 21,70 m, 10 Rooms, wall thickness: exterior walls and roof 2 m , interior walls 0,80 m.
The US tried to blow it up after the war, but were not succesful today you can still visit this nearly
complete bunker.

                     regelbau-117a-360x360     Drawing and information source:   Regelbau.dk


General Information:
1  Kampfraum/Eingang, Combatroom/Entrance
2  Gasschleuse, Gaslock
3  Nahkampfraum, Close combat defense
4  Bereitschaftsraum/Unterschlupf, Crew
10  Beobacthungspanzer, Observation turret
21  Funkraum, Radio room
30  Vorräte/Lagerraum, Store room
33  Führerraum/Kommandeur, Commander
40  Offiziersraum, Officers room
52  Telefonvermittlung/Fernsprechraum, Telephone exchange

For more detailed information and wonderful research regarding Regelbau please visit the Regelbau.dk website.

regelbau near hollerathExample of a Regelbau near Hollerath, source: Internet