395th IR

Delbert A. Sayre

Delbert A. Sayre HQ Co. 1st Bn 395th Infantry Regiment     Delbert Austin Sayre ( 03-06-1920 – 21-03-2010) born in Smithville, OH on July 3rd 1920. A member of Hq Company, 1st battalion 395th. The 99th Infantry Division received recruits from the ASTP program (Army Specialized Training Program, to make up for the personnel…

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Robert “Bobby” Sterrett

Robert “Bobby” Sterrett HQ Co. – E Co. 395th Infantry Regiment “WE WERE ON GUARD DUTY AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!” That’s how Robert “Bobby” Sterrett of Monterey, Virginia, recalled the events of seventy years ago today, December 16th, 1944 “Hell” was the massive German artillery barrage that was unleashed against the American army. This…

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Earl D. Reese

Earl D. Reese – 395th Infantry Regiment, E Company Born and raised in rural Arkansas in the early 1920s, Earl Denzil Reese quickly became accustomed to hunting and shooting, hard labor and outdoor life. Earl was born in 1920 to a recently-returned WWI veteran and a Missouri farmgirl and spent his early life traveling around…

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