The Story Behind the Object

A collection of 99th Infantry Division memorabilia

Our collection consists of objects related to the 99th Infantry Division, from uniforms, documents, photos to relics from the former battlefields.

The collection will be used for research and educational purposes. Already several exhibitions have been held in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The goal is to educate the generations to come and to ensure the legacy of the 99th Infantry Division is being continued.



A box full of old  Checkerboard magazines and material from past reunions, a pile of letters from a Lt. from the 395th Infantry Regiment, photos from a private plus his dog tags, these are just a few of the items that were donated to our online museum.

Artifact Donation:

Once an object, document or photo is donated, it immediately becomes available to our research team (US, Netherlands, Belgium) who are working on a variety of projects. We cannot predict what specific uses your items will have, but your generosity will instantly expand the amount of World War II information available to the public via our website and Facebook page.

If you would like to donate an artifact please contact us via the Contact button in the main menu.

Will I be notified if my donation goes on exhibit?

Yes. You will be notified by email in the event your donation is displayed and photos of the exhibit will be sent to you.

What is done with artifacts donated to the Online Museum?

The 99th Infantry Research Project uses artifacts for exhibits organized and displayed in the Museum, traveling exhibits, short-term loans to other museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, and for research by historians, authors, documentary film producers, and students. Some of our work is shown in the photos below.

How will my donation be credited if it is ever placed on exhibit?

The online museum allows, within reason, the individual donors to include what they want the credit to read. For example, “Gift of Mr. Bob Smith Jr.” or “Donated in Memory of Bob Smith Sr.”


Books and Periodicals. Books written during or about World War II..

Ephemera. Wartime ephemera such as brochures, postcards, leaflets, programs, theater tickets and souvenirs will be placed in our archival collection and treated as artifacts

Medals and Insignia. Medals and insignia can be utilized for various purposes like creating small displays.

Scrapbooks. Scrapbooks made by the veteran or relative showing his service.

Photographs, Letters and Journals. Please make the copies you need before sending us the originals. As for World War II service documents, we do not necessarily need originals. In fact, you will probably want the original Separation Papers and/or Discharge Papers. We will accept CDs, DVDs or good copies of wartime prints (though we prefer originals). Photocopies, low-quality copies, and internet printouts are generally not suitable library donations on their own—only as backup personal information.

Reunion Materials. Reunion materials to supplement original personal collections.

Service Documents. Copies of original discharge papers that are accompanied by other donation materials, but we are not accepting copies sent without supporting collections.

Uniforms. Uniforms are worn while in the performance of one’s World War II service.

Yearbooks, Unit Histories, and Newsletters. Items printed during the war years will be placed in our archival collection and treated as artifacts; post-war books written about WWII will go in our library collection.

Please use the contact button if you would like to donate an artifact.

I am proud of my service to my country, but my life was never the same after the war. I went to war as a boy, and came home a man.

Cecil R. Palmer Squadleader 394th Infantry Regiment