The Story Behind the Object

A collection of 99th Infantry Division memorabilia


Description: Lieutenant Colonel George N. Morgan was born on February 7, 1913 and was from Lake Preston, South Dakota.

He enlisted in the US Army Reserve in June 1936 immediately after graduating from college.  He was given the rank of 2nd lieutenant.  He stayed in the army reserves until January 1941.  He was put into active duty at Fort Francis in E. Warren, Wyoming, as a first lieutenant

In 1942 he was promoted to captain and by 1944, he was a major. During the war, Morgan served in the Regimental Staff of the 393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division as supply officer.  He was the regiment’s S-4.


Model: 2nd type November 1941 – July 1943

Material: Monel

Source: Auction buy

Catalogue number

Dog tag of Lt. Col. George N. Morgan