Grandpa what did you do in the war?

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Footage of the 99th Infantry and interviews with it's veterans.

A collection of interviews and clips that are available on YouTube. We are currently working on a documentary about the 99th Infantry Division with the title "From my Hometown to the Battlefield" to be released on the 16th of December 2019.

To learn more about the documentary and see the teaser that has been made please click on the button on the right side. Enjoy and learn about what the veterans of World War Two went through.

Mouse in the Foxhole

This clip is part of an interview made by the grandson of Thomas H. Driver, K Company 395th Infantry Regiment.

This clip is part from an interview by the grandson of Thomas H. Driver. K Co. 395th infantry Regiment

World War II sniper veteran, Ted Gundy, was a sniper during the Battle of the Bulge, in this video he tries an impossible shot of his own. Ted hasn't seen his Army issued Springfield 1903A4 since 1944, but he's in for a surprise and then he'll try a shot he's never fathomed...1,000 yards with a modern sniper rifle, AMU's custom Remington 700. Watch this amazing story now!  (source: YouTube)

From my Hometown to the Battlefield