Stories from the 99th Infantry Division

Welcome to “Stories from the 99th Infantry Division.” Here, you’ll discover a collection of stories told by the soldiers who served in the 99th Infantry division during World War II. As we lose more and more of these heroic veterans each day, it’s crucial that we work together to preserve their memories and honor their sacrifices.

If you have stories, pictures, or other materials to share about your loved ones who served in the 99th Infantry Division, please use the contact button on our main menu. We would be honored to create a webpage dedicated to their memory, providing a space to store and share their stories with other veterans, their families, and future generations.

Join us in leaving a legacy for future generations by preserving the stories of these brave soldiers. Through sharing their experiences, we can keep their memory alive and ensure that the sacrifices made during WWII are never forgotten. Thank you for helping us honor the 99th Infantry Division and all those who fought for our freedom.