Silvester W. Lucas

Lucas SIlvester
C360_2015-03-15-18-07-21-713Sgt. Silvester W. Lucas  MP Platoon attached to HQ. 99th Infantry Division Two years ago we acquired a grouping belonging to Sgt. S.W. Lucas, Squad Leader of 2nd Squad, Police Section. The set contains his IKE jacket, side cap and his bronze star which he received for meritorious operations against the enemy. There is not much information available on the internet and also The Camp van Dorn museum was not able to find any information that would give a better insight in the Military Police Platoon from the 99th Infantry Division. I did find an article written by his wife Helen Lucas in one of the Checkerboards, asking for anybody who might have known her late husband. Now years later we are trying to get the story together of Silvester W Lucas who proudly served with the 99th and remember him for his heroic service. “Sgt. Lucas was awarded the bronze star for Meritorious operations against the enemy from Nov. 8, 1944 to May 8, 1945, in Belgium and Germany.IMG_20150315_181222 His accomplishments as a non-commissioned officer in charge of prisoners cages. He was especially meritorious during this period. Sgt Lucas displayed initiative and intelligence in processing and evacuating prisoners, frequently under heavy fire. At one time he had four cages operating without impairing standards of discipline and efficiency.”

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